Bloom where you’re planted: how Gardenscape broke new ground and stayed true to its roots  

For over three decades, Prairieland has buzzed with the vibrant hues of blooming flowers, the earthy scent of rich soil, and the hum of gardening enthusiasts at Gardenscape. This annual horticulture, gardening, and cuttbackyard living trade show has become a perennial highlight on the local calendar. 

Written by Traycee Martens, Marketing Manager

Gardenscape, initially introduced by the Saskatoon StarPhoenix as “a gigantic garden party,” sprouted in March 1990. That first event marked a pioneering venture in Western Canada as the only show of its kind committed to delivering information on horticulture, landscaping, lawn care, and gardening. Since then, Gardenscape has blossomed into a dynamic platform celebrating the art and science of horticulture and embracing the broader realm of gardening and outdoor living.   

Let’s get growing  

Gardenscape, overseen by Prairieland’s Signature Events Department, draws strength from a collaborative volunteer organizing committee comprised of influential industry figures. These visionaries recognized that modern living had led us away from our innate connection to nature. Their mission was to offer an opportunity for individuals to rediscover the therapeutic benefits of working with plants—a “renaissance of nature,” as they termed it—an idea resonating with the intended audience.

Tools of the trade show  

Gardenscape Backyard Living Trade Show
Exhibitors set up shop at the Gardenscape Backyard Living Trade Show, where they display plants, decor, and equipment for sale.

From its origins as a modest gathering of gardening enthusiasts, the trade show has evolved into a multifaceted extravaganza. Now, it features a diverse array of exhibitors, including leading horticultural experts and innovative garden accessory manufacturers. Attendees explore exhibits to discover the latest trends in landscaping, sustainable gardening practices, and cutting-edge backyard living solutions. 

Cultivating passion at Gardenscape

Plant sciences
Patrons flock to the informative displays brought by the University of Saskatchewan’s Plant Sciences Department each year.

Beyond stunning displays and enticing products, the trade show is a hub for knowledge exchange. Renowned horticulturists, landscape designers, and gardening gurus share expertise through interactive workshops and informative sessions, making the event an invaluable educational resource. 

Planting seeds of knowledge   

Garden Experience at Gardenscape
Eager students from Saskatoon and the surrounding area love to participate in the pre-event school tour called Garden Experience.

Learning extends beyond grown-up gardeners. The genesis of our present pre-event Garden Experience can be traced back to the inception of the Little Green Thumbs program, designed for Grade 3 classrooms. Throughout the years, thousands of students have participated, gaining insights into topics ranging from composting and planting to distinguishing between beneficial and harmful bugs. 

Blossoming beauties  

An enchanting feature of Gardenscape has always been expertly crafted display gardens by professional landscape designers. Each unique space boasts a distinctive theme with a harmonious blend of hardscaping, lush plants, and stylish furnishings or accessories. Originally meant as realizable garden inspirations, complete with handy diagrams and plant lists, these serve as the perfect blueprint for turning an outdoor dream into reality. 

Feature display garden
A recent example of one of the feature display gardens; From Farm to Table designed by Dutch Growers.

Ideal conditions for growth  

Gardenscape owes its remarkable success to the unwavering support from the commercial horticulture industry, the dedicated involvement of local gardening societies and its enduring affiliation with the University of Saskatchewan’s Master Gardener and Plant Science Department. However, what truly continues to set Gardenscape apart is its commitment to maintaining a hyper-focus on horticulture and the joys of backyard living, avoiding the path of becoming a generic home and garden show like so many others. This unique blend of partnerships and industry dedication underscores Gardenscape’s enduring appeal and continued prosperity.  


As the Saskatchewan Blue Cross Gardenscape Backyard Living Show marks its 35th anniversary, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of connecting with nature. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, the event continues to inspire, educate, and celebrate the profound joy that comes from cultivating a green and vibrant world right in our own backyards. Everyone is welcome to experience our ritual of spring at Prairieland March 22-24, 2024.