Virtual How To Stage – Online Seminars

We’ve assemble a group of industry experts to share their best practices and helpful advice on a variety of topics.

Successful Vegetable Growing for Beginner Gardeners

Jackie Bantle – Department of Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan

Is 2021 the year that you plan to grow your own vegetables but you don’t know where to start? Join Jackie Bantle as she guides you through spring garden patch preparation and planting. Jackie will give hints on easy vegetables to grow for success as you begin your gardening journey.

Playing to Win – The Right Tools and Techniques for Your Vegetable Plot

Jared Regier – Chain Reaction Urban Farm

Join Jared for the 3rd installment of the Vegetable Academy. “Playing to Win” is all about the tools and techniques one would use to control the variables in their vegetable plots so we can get great performance year after year. There is also a workbook available for download.

Strategic Food Preservation – Making the Most of My Garden in the Least Amount of Time

Noelle Chorney – Managing Editor, The Gardener Magazine

Many people plant vegetables and herbs but are not sure how to use them. Noelle makes a concerted effort to grow things she can eat, and has been growing an herb and vegetable garden and sharing how she preserves the fruit of her labour for more than 10 years.

Container Gardening Basics & Edibles

Jill VanDuyvendyk – Dutch Growers

Container gardening continues to be popular and there are many choices for pots, soils, and plants. Whether you’re a city gardener with a balcony, a suburban gardener with a small deck or a country gardener looking to downsize, containers are the solution.

Pruning Your Shrubs and Small Trees

Rick VanDuyvendyk – Dutch Growers

Let Rick inspire you with innovative ways to use evergreen and deciduous shrubs and keep them looking good with proper pruning to transform a ho-hum garden into an eye-popping, year-round masterpiece.

Caring for Tropicals & Houseplants

Jill VanDuyvendyk – Dutch Growers

Looking for a few tips and tricks on how to care for your tropicals and house plants? Jill will set you on the right path. Anything from how much light is too much, to when that house plant needs a new home in another pot.

The Right Ingredients for Composting

Lisa Howse – Saskatoon Compost Coaches

Composting is a fantastic way to reduce household waste and make a great all-around fertilizer and soil conditioner at the same time. Learn the basics of home composting, including the simple, 5-step recipe for a problem-free pile, every time. While the focus will be on compost bins we will also touch on trench composting, vermicomposting, and bokashi composting. Visit for more details.