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Pruning Large Trees

Speaker: Tony Toews - City of Saskatoon Pruning done correctly helps moderate return growth, is healthier for any tree, and maintains a natural form. Pruning less often also saves labor […]

Extending Your Growing Season

Speaker: Kristen Raney – Shifting Roots Learn how to extend your spring and fall growing seasons with smart plant selection and optional row covers—no expensive greenhouse or additional heat required.

Create a Bird-Friendly Yard

Speaker: Myrna Pearman, Chin Ridge Seeds/Mother Nature's Birdseed Learn how to transform your yard into a naturescape that supports biodiversity for birds and other creatures.  (10 minute session)

Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture

Speaker: Sandra Schweder - CHEP Good Food Learn the ins and outs of urban agriculture in Saskatoon as it relates to community gardening, youth, and sustainability.

Backyard Bird Feeding

Speaker: Myrna Pearman, Chin Ridge Seeds/Mother Nature's Birdseed Learn how to maximize your success at attracting a wide variety of backyard birds.  (10 minute session)

Seed Starting Essentials

Speaker: Jared Regier - Vegetable Academy *60 Minutes* Learn how to raise your own vegetable transplants at home and get your garden off to the best start possible.  We will […]

Container Gardening

Speaker: Jill vanDuyvendyk - Dutch Growers Container gardening continues to be popular and there are many choices for pots, soils, and plants. Whether you are a city gardener with a […]

Celebrating Backyard Birds

Speaker: Myrna Pearman, Chin Ridge Seeds/Mother Nature's Birdseed Learn about the interesting and amazing birds you share your backyard with!  (10 minute session)

Shrub Pruning and the Best Tools for the Job

Speaker: Rick vanDuyvendyk - Dutch Growers Get inspired with innovative ways and the best tools to use on evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Keep them looking good with proper pruning to […]

Growing Cut Flowers

Speaker: Kristen Raney - Shifting Roots You do not have to be a flower farmer to grow cut flowers. Learn how to easily grow enough cut flowers on a backyard […]

Beneficial Bugs for Your Garden

Speaker: Tyler Wist - Entomological Society of Saskatchewan When you find insects in your garden, your first instinct might be to destroy them, but that is not always the best […]