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Pruning Large Trees

Speaker: Tony Toews - City of Saskatoon Pruning done correctly helps moderate return growth, is healthier for any tree, and maintains a natural form. Pruning less often also saves labor and energy and reduces green waste volume. Pruning done incorrectly causes rapid return growth, weakens the tree, and increases your labor.

Extending Your Growing Season

Speaker: Kristen Raney – Shifting Roots Learn how to extend your spring and fall growing seasons with smart plant selection and optional row covers—no expensive greenhouse or additional heat required.

Create a Bird-Friendly Yard

Speaker: Myrna Pearman, Chin Ridge Seeds/Mother Nature's Birdseed Learn how to transform your yard into a naturescape that supports biodiversity for birds and other creatures.  (10 minute session)

Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture

Speaker: Sandra Schweder - CHEP Good Food Learn the ins and outs of urban agriculture in Saskatoon as it relates to community gardening, youth, and sustainability.

Backyard Bird Feeding

Speaker: Myrna Pearman, Chin Ridge Seeds/Mother Nature's Birdseed Learn how to maximize your success at attracting a wide variety of backyard birds.  (10 minute session)

Seed Starting Essentials

Speaker: Jared Regier - Vegetable Academy *60 Minutes* Learn how to raise your own vegetable transplants at home and get your garden off to the best start possible.  We will address common seed starting questions and cover the equipment and methods to use to ensure your success.

Container Gardening

Speaker: Jill vanDuyvendyk - Dutch Growers Container gardening continues to be popular and there are many choices for pots, soils, and plants. Whether you are a city gardener with a balcony, a suburban gardener with a small deck or a country gardener looking to downsize, containers are the solution.

Celebrating Backyard Birds

Speaker: Myrna Pearman, Chin Ridge Seeds/Mother Nature's Birdseed Learn about the interesting and amazing birds you share your backyard with!  (10 minute session)

Shrub Pruning and the Best Tools for the Job

Speaker: Rick vanDuyvendyk - Dutch Growers Get inspired with innovative ways and the best tools to use on evergreen and deciduous shrubs. Keep them looking good with proper pruning to transform a ho-hum garden into an eye-popping, year-round masterpiece.

Growing Cut Flowers

Speaker: Kristen Raney - Shifting Roots You do not have to be a flower farmer to grow cut flowers. Learn how to easily grow enough cut flowers on a backyard scale so that you can make your own bouquets all summer long.

Beneficial Bugs for Your Garden

Speaker: Tyler Wist - Entomological Society of Saskatchewan When you find insects in your garden, your first instinct might be to destroy them, but that is not always the best course of action. Some insects are destructive and should be controlled, but of the more than 1.5 million known insect species in the world, more […]

Growing With Ideal Soil Biology: Maximizing Your Plants’ Yield and Quality

Speaker: Byron Tenkink - Lily Plain Gardens Along with proper physical and chemical properties, biology is a core component in ideal soil for plant growth. This presentation goes over the basics of soil biology and how to harness the power of your garden’s hardest workers -- the microbiome! Some techniques uniquely designed for our climate […]