Food Options at Gardenscape

You won't want to leave without having a little taste of fresh garden greatness.

Honestly, it’s so berry good!

WE hope you’ll take the time to stop by the Prairie Berry Cafe for some delicious homemade berry goodness and feature desserts. The cafe is located in the Main Trade Hall (D) and offers wine and coolers to enjoy along with the best pie in town. 

• Pies & Crisps (with or without ice cream)

• Cakes & Cheesecakes

• Muffins & Cookies

• Cinnamon Buns

• And much, much more!

Browse, collect, and enjoy!

Brand new in 2023 is the Backyard Patio Bar in the center of the Main Trade Hall where you’ll find adult beverage options to enjoy while you sip and stroll through the gardens and trade show. 

This year, we’ll be featuring BASK Pinot Noir and BASK Sauvignon Blanc low calorie, light wine in addition to other beers, wines, and spirits.