Feature Display & Gardens

Feature Display & Gardens

The sights, sounds and scents of this year’s gardens will trigger your senses into overload …. These feature gardens reflect the expertise, planning and hard work of many with more than 1500 pots of spring bulbs, over 100 large trees, shrubs and perennials forced in preparation for this annual spring tradition with each garden designed by Saskatchewan’s premier landscape design experts.

Many of the gardens incorporate both plant materials and the latest in hardscape materials including retaining walls and brick patios as well as feature mulch in many colors and textures.  Working along-side our designers are the capable and talented Master Gardeners lending a helping hand in the final presentation.

Saskatchewan Blue Cross Gardenscape “FEATURE PLANT OF THE YEAR” — This year the feature plant will be the “Geranium” with more than 800 plants and 35 varieties to be showcased in our feature display gardens.  There will also be a presentation by Jackie Bantle (U of S Plant Sciences Dept.) on this wonderful versatile plant in our Speakers’ Theatre Friday at 2pm.

Feature Display Gardens presented by:

Don’t miss the Floral Display located in the main foyer presented by local businesses and created by professional florists.

Sheila’s State of the Art Flowers, Saskatoon

Bill’s House of Flowers, Saskatoon

Little Shop of Flowers, Saskatoon